Good For Nothing

by Landmarks

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I'm standing in the line
that divides right from wrong
a lifetime spent biting my fucking tongue
from bad looks to fake smiles
been a victim of abuse
deprived of love
forced to grow up on my own
mentally fucked up
yea thats what I recall
I dare someone to tell me they know how it goes... (X2)

Fuck, this hatred is taking over me

Remember all the times
that you told me I was good for nothing
that there was no girl in this world that would notice
an ugly kid like me

and for quiet some time I believed
all your shitty words and tricks
due to my self esteem,
save the apologies bitch,
now the tables are turned ,
And you wish you were me

how does it feel to be
the fucking clown
I tried to make some change
But I let you down
I tried to live up
I tried to never give up
On this one

Fuck this song
It brings nothing but memories
Of the days I was young and naive
But you're wrong
I knew it all along
You're just a piece of shit
Thank you for bringing me down
It made me who I am today

Don't stress
Everything did turn out okay
I took beatings and pain
Til the days turned to shit
I knew I don't belong
From the day I was born
Please tell me that I'm wrong

Don't fuck with me


released January 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Landmarks Miami, Florida


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